Unsparing ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ pulls no punches

Zero_Dark_Thirtystory by: Chuck Vinch
photo courtesy of: Jonathan Olley / Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
video courtesy of: YouTube
No matter where you stand on the political spectrum on the use of torture in the war on terrorism, it’s hard to imagine anyone exposed to a graphic waterboarding not being changed by the experience, at least a little.
“Zero Dark Thirty” provides such an experience — recent American history that is rough, raw, unflinching and tough to stomach.
First, though, the pump must be primed. And so we get audio (no image, just black screen) of calls from inside the Twin Towers on 9/11, staking a visceral claim on our nerves.


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One Response to Unsparing ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ pulls no punches

  1. knottzi says:

    Just saw it last night. I’ve read many complaints that ZDT doesn’t deserve the Best Picture nomination, because it doesn’t live up to The Hurt Locket. In my opinion, THL is the best war film since Platoon, and is incomparable to ZDT because they are nearly two different genres: one regards the perils of war trauma, and the other is suspenseful thriller, Technically speaking, ZDT is phenomenal, especially the opening audio which you mentioned.

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