Snipers seek better weapons, ammo

story by: Dan Lamothe
photo courtesy of: Dan Lamothe
Marine scout snipers deployed here since this summer are frustrated with their weapons and ammunition, and are urging the Marine Corps to upgrade.
In a position paper forwarded up their chain of command and provided to Marine Corps Times, the scout sniper platoon with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., outlined perceived deficiencies in the ammo used with the 7.62mm M40A5 and the .50-caliber M107 sniper rifles. The paper is authored by 1st Lt. Brian Hayek, the platoon commander, and Sgts. Steven Winn and Joshua Ott, team leaders in the unit, which uses the call sign “Blackheart.”
Marines commonly use the M118 LR round in the bolt-action M40A5. It carries the Defense Department identification code AA11. On the M107, snipers use the Raufoss Mk 211 round, which uses the ID code A606.

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