The Gunny vs. Texas football player

Gunnery Sgt. Stephen Roberts achieved celebrity stature on the internet following the football game featuring Ole Miss and Texas. Gunny Roberts is the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor for the NROTC program at Ole Miss. One of his duties is overseeing the color guard at all Rebels home games, and he was still on the field during the second quarter of the game on September 16. It was as if fate had stepped in and the ESPN cameras caught him at just the right moment.
Texas Longhorns receiver Marquise Goodwin made a 69-yard touchdown run and put Texas on top of Ole Miss 17-7. Goodwin then came face-to-face with Gunny Roberts and that’s when the moment above happened…
Speculation was that Goodwin was going to try to salute Roberts, something that all Marines know you just do not do. Roberts later revealed that Goodwin tried to do something even worse.
“As he ran toward me, I could see him start to make the “shhhhhh” motion holding his hand up,” Roberts told SB Nation. “I know behind me was the Texas fan section, he was staring straight ahead. So I’m thinking, “Well, I know he’s not “shhhh-ing” his own people.”
Gunny Robert’s reaction and response to Goodwin was something that would make drill instructors everywhere proud, hands on hips, head bobbling as he yelled at the top of his lungs. Goodwin appeared to be caught off guard, looking to the right, then to his left and with no support in sight, decided to just run away. Viewers to this moment felt it was too good not to be shared and turned it into a GIF.
Roberts said by the end of the game his phone was completely dead from all the calls and text messages and posts on his facebook page. Robert’s message to all that viewed this was simple: Never shush a Marine.
“It was, “Hey, don’t hush me, because Marines, well… we don’t like to be hushed,” he later told SB Nation with a laugh.
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One Response to The Gunny vs. Texas football player

  1. Stevon Carmichael says:

    Semper Fi
    That goes to prove THAT Marines NEVER back down ANy situation.

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