EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter, the highly anticipated sequel to Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor, is scheduled to hit the store shelves October 23. If you enjoyed the first installment of Medal of Honor, this follow up does not look like EA has slowed down with their attention to detail. If anything it appears they are setting the bar even higher. Here are some screen shots, overview and video previews to give you an idea of how good this new first person shooter looks to be!


Medal of Honor Warfighter puts players in the boots of today’s most highly trained and skilled warriors to experience missions that have a dotted line to real world terrorist events. This is Tier 1 on a global scale, featuring real world hotspots in the single-player campaign and introducing international Tier 1 Operators in multiplayer. This groundbreaking move gives players a window into the look and style of elite soldiers from 10 different countries around the world. With Medal of Honor Warfighter, gamers can represent their nation’s Special Operations Forces on the multiplayer battlefield. Medal of Honor introduces a new mode where the world’s best-of-the-best warriors go head-to-head in online competition.

Authentic Action

Nearly 13 years ago, the Medal of Honor brand was born with authenticity and respect for the soldier at its core – and that commitment remains to this day. It’s our goal to put you directly in the boots of the soldier whether it be in World War II or today’s war. Every detail from the sound of the weapons to the landscapes of actual locations inspire the complete Medal of Honor experience. For the first time in Medal of Honor, we’re consulting closely with not only Tier 1 Operators from the U.S. but also Tier 1 Operators from around the globe including the Polish GROM, the Australian SASR, the German KSK and more. No other gaming brand brings authenticity to life like Medal of Honor.
Medal of Honor Warfighter partners with real world brands that supply Tier 1 Operators around the world with weapons and equipment. Through these partnerships, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers unrivaled authenticity and gives back to the military community through charitable cooperations. Authentic Game. Authentic Brands.

Best in Class Technology

Powered by Frostbite 2

Medal of Honor Warfighter is developed on the revolutionary Frostbite 2 game engine, delivering the best-in-class experience with gorgeous visual quality, deep environmental sound design, devastating AI and detailed micro destruction.

Authentic Movement

Motion capture technology combined with input from Tier 1 consultants, immersive lighting and beautifully rendered environments create a visual representation of human action in combat that takes authenticity to a new level.

Sound Design

Building on acclaimed High Dynamic Range (HDR) audio, accurate weapon sound signatures and environmental audio effects, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers authentic sound design.

Micro Destruction

Frostbite 2 makes weapons fire in close quarters combat more intense than ever with micro-destruction affecting every element of the environment. Doors shatter from explosions, walls splinter from bullets and concrete fractures from flying debris.

So mark it on your calendars! October 23, 2012, Medal of Honor Warfighter hits the shelves! You can also pre-order at http://www.medalofhonor.com/pre-order-medal-of-honor-warfighter. Happy hunting warriors!
photos courtesy of: ign.com
videos courtesy of: youtube


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