The Freedom Through Sacrifice Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is to honor the memories of America’s fallen servicemen and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in the service of their country. They will tell their individual stories of honor, courage, commitment and sacrifice in order to inspire others to dedicate their lives, like the fallen, to the ideal
Freedom Through Sacrifice was founded in an effort to tell our fellow Americans about the amazing people who stepped forward, served their country and stood ready to defend freedom at a time of war. By sharing their stories of sacrifice and honoring their memory, as well as their families they hope to inspire generations of Americans to live a life of service above self as they did.
They are developing physically and mentally challenging events symbolic of the strength, toughness, and commitment our fallen heroes each possessed. In the process of completing these events they’ll share their stories of sacrifice.
Their first event, A Mile In Their Shoes, is a run designed to celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday and honor its fallen by having a single runner run one mile for each year the Marine Corps is old and dedicating each of those miles to a fallen Marine or Corpsman.
Their goal is to create other events which will be specific to each of the branches of the armed forces so the sacrifices of all our fallen service men and women can be shared with the American people.
Click here if you wish to make a donation to this worthy cause.

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