Boy Sells Wristbands to Raise Money for WWII Statue

It’s not every 11-year-old boy who would be thrilled with getting a box full of 1,000 olive drab rubber wristbands to sell. But they’re not Jordan Brown of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, who wants to raise $100,000 toward the statue honoring Maj. Dick Winters planned for Normandy.
Jordan, a fourth-grader at South Lebanon Elementary School, came up with the idea after his mom showed him an article about filmmaker Tim Gray’s effort to erect a statue in France honoring his hero, Winters, and create a documentary. The family brainstormed over a weekend, with Jordan at first thinking of selling a few hundred snowflakes or paper airplanes for 66 cents, because this is the 66th anniversary of D-Day June 6.
After Jordan decided to up the ante and try to raise a quarter of the needed funds, or $100,000, they had to find a more efficient way to raise the money, said his mom, Yasmin Brown.
“We ended up with the wristbands,” she said, and then had to decide on a color and phrase. Bob Hoffman, a Lebanon architect who is a friend of Maj. Winters, suggested the olive drab color, referencing the Army, and the phrase Maj. Winters said to inspire his soldiers — “Hang Tough.”
Jordan Brown’s “Hang Tough” wristbands can be purchased at The minimum donation is $1, plus $3 shipping.
story by: Barbara Miller, The Patriot News
photos courtesy of: Chris Knight, The Patriot News

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