The St. Petersburg Collection

Here is another post for all my military miniature collectors and enthusiasts. If you liked the craftsmanship of the King & Country figures, in my previous post, The St. Petersburg Collection will blow you away! Be warned though, the cost of these figures reflects their detail and craftsmanship. So don’t fall out of your chair when you see their prices.
The St. Petersburg Collection, a division of AeroArt International Inc, produces what many consider the world’s finest production model figures. Not to be confused with ‘toy soldiers’ which encompass simple sculpting, basic paint most often with gloss finish, and low cost, our model figures are made of ‘white metal’ (tin, lead and alloys) in 54mm (1/32) and 90mm, and rendered by esteemed master miniature craftsmen in Russia exclusively for The St. Petersburg Collection. After considerable research, our model figures are brilliantly sculpted and then painted in matte finish by master painters to realistically portray historical military subjects. They are made in limited quantity and become highly-prized collectibles for discerning collectors.
photos courtesy of: AeroArt International Inc

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One Response to The St. Petersburg Collection

  1. Kevin D. Anderson says:

    I am looking to see the American Union Civil war personalities such as, General grant, Sherman, Sheridan, General Buford, Meade and General Burnside.

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